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Mixed Product Types

This is a category with mixed product types. This includes both products and documents. There are two types of documents - Documents that are for reading and Documents that are for reading and purchasing.

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Sample of Document General Type
Document General Type is used for Products that are actually Documents. These cannot be added to the cart but can be configured for the Document...
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Sample of Document Product Type
Document Product Type is used for Documents that are also available for sale. You might wish to display brief peices of the Document then offer it...
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Sample of Product Free Shipping Type
Product Free Shipping can be setup to highlight the Free Shipping aspect of the product. These pages include a Free Shipping Image on them. You can...
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Darmowa dostawa
Sample of Product General Type
Product General Type are your regular products. There are no special needs or layout issues to work with.
4.86 zł
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Sample of Product Music Type
The Product Music Type is specially designed for music media. This can offer a lot more flexibility than the Product General.
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